Frequently asked questions in Digital Marketing

      Q: What is PPC? 
      A: PPC is the Pay Per Click shortcut, that means your ads can appear on every relevant search, but you’ll only be charged when users click on your ad.


      Q: Where appear my banners/ads used in display campaigns?
      A: The Google Partner Networks network is made up of over 2 million sites with over 90% of the world’s population, as well as mobile and video applications where your ad can be displayed.


      Q: Why doesn’t appear my ads on Google?
      A: An explanation would be that the budget is limited and so ads are displayed less often. Another explanation is that the daily budget has been totally invested and Google stopped displaying it. Also, if you search for your ad on Google quite often but do not click on it, then Google will start showing you other ads, hoping you’ll be more interested in those and click. We recommend that you check your ad using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool in the Google Ads interface.


      Q: What is the Quality Score and how is it calculated?
      A: The Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Ads with a high-quality score (over 7-8) may have lower prices/clicks and better positions than those with a lower quality score.


      Q: How does the auction work on Google Ads?
      A: Google Ads sets which ads to show using a very fast auction that happens every time a user searches on Google or visits a site displaying Google Ads ads.  The auction involves 3 main factors that determine the ads that will appear and their order: the click bid, the quality of the ads, the estimated impact of the ad extensions.


      Q: Why do I need negative words in my campaign? 
      A: Negative words have a very important role because, with their help, the ad will not be displayed to users searching for those terms and can save money. For example, if you want to sell exclusive or luxury products, you will put the word “cheap” to negative. Who will search for your product name with the word “cheap” will not show your ad.


      Q: What is Ad Rank?
      A: Ad Rank is a value used to determine the position of your ad. Ad Rank is calculated based on the bid, the Quality Score components, and the expected ad extensions impact.


      Q: What is CTR? How much should be a good CTR?
      A: The click-through rate shows how often users who saw the ad clicked on it. A high CTR, over 10%, shows users think your ads are useful and relevant.


      Q: What are the benefits of promoting on Google? 
      A: Your ad appears only to people who are interested, only when someone needs it and you pay only when someone clicks on the ad and visits your page. You can monitor visitors, the changes take place almost instantly, and the cost is the need of each customer.


      Q: What kind of promotion suits to my business, Google Ads or Facebook Ads?
      A: If you have not had any promotions so far, we recommend trying both channels in parallel.
      However, if your domain is very technical, Facebook is not the right channel. In this case, the promotion based on the user’s intention must prevail, the user searches for it and the ads display.
      Instead, fashion and retail are very well suited to being promoted through Facebook and/or Instagram. Here the decision is generally based on emotional rather than on product search in advance.