The client background:


      Our client is a Clinic which provides medical services like: neurology, cardiology, acupuncture, psychology and much more.


      In 2015 they wanted to increase the number of leads for their clinics so they we’re looking for a Digital Marketing Agency. We were the first Google Ads Premier Partner agency in Transylvania so they reached us for providing Google Ads services.


      We already had a lot of experience with clinics / healthcare and medical nice, so we knew that we were a good fit!


      What we did?


      Firstly, we created a campaign for every services they offer and we allocated a budget of 10.000 EUR. After


      Firstly, we created search campaigns with ad groups for the services they offer.


      We duplicated the campaign so we have 2 identical campaigns.


      In the first campaign we targeted Cluj-Napoca (the city where the clinic is located) and inserted all the specific keywords excluding the words “cluj” or “cluj-napoca”


      Also, for the second campaign (which was identical) we targeted the whole Romania, but excluded Cluj-Napoca and inserted all the specific keywords + the words “cluj” or “cluj-napoca”


      Using this strategy, we targeted only people in Cluj-Napoca who are highly interested in the clinics services and also people from whole Romania who are looking for those specific services in Cluj-Napoca.


      We excluded Cluj-Napoca from Romania campaign so the campaigns does not compete with each other, and by using the keywords “cluj” or “cluj-napoca” we have the certitude that those people are 100% looking for clinic services in this location.


      Another strategy we implemented is brand protect and competition campaigns.


      Brand protect campaigns were created after the competition was getting higher and higher in order to keep the clinic’s position number 1 on Google.


      How we scale this business?


      We looked over the account after the first month and we saw that there were some irrelevant keywords that people were searching on Google and reached us.


      We inserted those keywords to the negative list, we stopped the keywords which didn’t bring quality traffic (the conversion rate was low).


      We set the campaigns with manual CPC and we also increase the bid for the keywords that were having amazing results.


      We focused on taking the ads to the #1 place on Google with the lowest cost possible and also stopped the ads with low CTR and created new ones.


      The results


      After 4 years of collaboration, the results are down below:


      Case Study Results
      YearPacientsRevenueNo. of investigations
          2015 6950€241,093.78 8925
          2016 10100€377,252.52 13495
          2017 14300€516,399.60 14658
          2018 16250  €593,913.25 15680