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      SEO services are vital to a business that sells online, especially through Google. With SEO services, your site can be listed by targeted keywords on google.com. Among the advantages of this operation are increasing visibility to potential customers, increasing visits to the site. If your keyword analysis is done correctly, your business can see an increase in new customer acquisitions, leads, quotes, collaborations, and last but not least, brand awareness.

      Link Building

      post Panda & Penguin Update

      Link building is an important part of the SEO optimization process, it is applied after on-site improvements are made from all points of view. Link building means something far more complex than just “sign up for web directories”, now link building means quality content, articles, social media, in a word, value to the detriment of volume. We offer complete link building services with a bimonthly report sent by e-mail.

      The SEO optimization process is very complex, involves technical knowledge (for the part of on-site SEO enhancements and keyword analyzes) as well as resources for link building. Search engine optimization is extremely important to get visibility by the keywords targeted by each site. We offer you complete SEO optimization services: keyword analysis, on-site SEO enhancements, daily link building with a bimonthly report.

      Why visibility by targeting keywords?

      Because search engine visibility brings qualified traffic from targeted keywords, and implicitly, interest, leads, sales.

      What do I need for a site to appear on Google?

      First, it must be written on-site correctly, not contain duplicate meta, have relevant SEO content, load quickly, meet several important on-site factors and then work on the most important part, to link building / unique SEO articles.

      What is link building?

      Link building is the process of getting links to the promoted site from sites with decent authority and seniority. Links are good first and foremost for search engine positioning, but also because they bring relevant traffic to the site, traffic that comes as a recommendation for the products/services of the promoted site.

      Changes on-site

      The on-site changes are provided by us in the SEO contract, some of the most common changes we have are: rewriting URLs, rewriting metadata and removing duplicates, improving the loading speed of pages, create and add sitemap to Search Console, and more.

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      You can request now the offer for our services!

      You can request now the offer for our services!

      “We are very pleased with our collaboration with One Digital, otherwise we would not have been going together for years. Thanks to their professionalism, we have been collaborating for 4 years and hope to continue for a long time now.”

      Sas Gabriel

      Manager, www.autonik.ro


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